Daily Archive: March 18, 2018

High-Resolution Neuroimaging  by Ahmet Mesrur Halefoglu (ed.) top free books PDF

High-Resolution Neuroimaging 

High-Resolution Neuroimaging by Ahmet Mesrur Halefoglu (ed.) eBook Details: Publisher: InTech 2018 ISBN-13: 9789535138662 Number of pages: 174 License(s): CC BY 3.0     eBook Description: Dr. Ahmet Mesrur Halefoğlu mostly deals with research fields in body imaging and...

The Nature of Mathematics by Philip E. B. Jourdain top free books pdf

The Nature of Mathematics 

The Nature of Mathematics by Philip E. B. Jourdain eBook Details: Publisher: T. C. & E. C. Jack 1919 Number of pages: 136 eBook Description: There is no real reason why, with patience, an ordinary person should not...

Moving to Sustainable Buildings by Umberto Berardi top free books PDF

Moving to Sustainable Buildings 

Moving to Sustainable Buildings by Umberto Berardi eBook Details: Publisher: De Gruyter Open 2013 ISBN-13: 9788376560113 Number of pages: 190 eBook Description: In his Moving to Sustainable Buildings. Paths to Adopt Green Innovations in Developed Countries, Umberto Berardi explores...