Free Online Courses : Law and Social Sciences


  • Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution
    Course HomeYoutubeiTunes Video – Carrie Menkel-Meadow, MIT
  • Lewis and Clark Law School Podcasts
    Course Home – Lewis & Clark Law School
  • African American Studies
    Youtube – Mark Sawyer, UCLA
  • Basics of Public Relations
    Course Home – McGill University
  • PLSC 270 – Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform, Fall 2009
    Course HomeYoutube – W. Rae, Yale
  • Economic Geography of the Industrial World,Fall 2011
    YoutubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio – A. Walker, UC Berkeley
  • L100 – Personal Law
    Course Home – Indiana University
  • Environmental Law and Policy
    Youtube – Bob Infelise, UC Berkeley
  • International Environmental Law
    YoutubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio – Cymie Payne, UC Berkeley
  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels (Law & Policy)
    Youtube – UC Berkeley
  • Faith and Globalization
    Youtube – Tony Blair, Miroslav Volf, Yale
  • History of Political Theory
    iTunes Audio – Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley
  • International Politics(Audio Only)
    Course Home – James Morrison, Middlebury College
  • Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning
    Course Home – Michael Sandel, Harvard
  • ENVR 102 – Selected Topics in Environmental Studies(Audio Only)
    Course Home – John Niles, UC San Diego
  • EPS 622: Sustainable Development
    Course Home – Maurie Cohen, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • SOCY 151 – Foundations of Modern Social Theory, Fall 2009
    Course HomeYoutubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio – Iván Szelényi, Yale
  • Political Science 30: Politics and Strategy
    Youtube – Kathleen Bawn, UCLA
  • Public Relations Research
    Course Home – Mcgill University
  • PLSC 118 – Moral Foundations of Politics, Spring 2010
    Course HomeYoutubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio – Ian Shapiro, Yale
  • Climate Change: Law and Policy
    YoutubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio – Cymie Payne, UC Berkeley
  • Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast
    Course HomeYoutubeiTunes Video – David Archer, University of Chicago
  • Introduction to Earthquakes, Their Causes and Effects
    YoutubeiTunes Video – Richard Allen, UC Berkeley
  • Woods Energy Seminar
    iTunes Audio – Multiple Professors, Stanford
  • Geography of US Presidential Elections
    YoutubeiTunes Video – Martin Lewis, Stanford
  • International Political Economy
    iTunes Audio – James Morrison, Middlebury College
  • Introduction to German Politics
    iTunes Audio – Andreas Busch, Oxford University

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