e- Publishing and File Conversion Software

Adobe Acrobat:

For creating PDF e-books or documents. Comes in two main varieties. For further information view the following pages:

Adobe Acrobat Standard www.adobe.com/products/acrobatstandard.html Adobe Acrobat Professional www.adobe.com/products/acrobatpro.html

Adobe Content Server:

 A server-side software, designed to package and distribute encrypted (DRM’d) Adobe PDF and ePub e-books directly from your Web site. It can work with dedicated e-readers, smartphones, Web tablets and other mobile devices. The current Version, Adobe Content Server 4.1, is available through resellers rather than directly from Adobe. Adobe discontinued sales of an earlier Adobe Content Server software on November 30, 2004. For more information see: www.adobe.com/products/content-server.html

Desktop Author :

Creates ‘page turning’ electronic publications with interactive and multimedia potential, including books, catalogues, brochures, presentations, photo albums, exams, forms etc. A free trial version with limited functionality is also available. Publications created are read with the DNL reader, which can be incorporated if desired or downloaded separately. http://www.dnaml.com/

eBook Pro :

This e-book compiler addresses security issues in particular. It uses an HTML source file. You can also incorporate Flash animation, Shockwave sound, Real Audio & Video, Acive X & javascript features. There is currently a base charge, plus a small fee for each “registration code” for copies of your book sold in excess of one thousand. Expect lots of hype, & beware of pop-ups, at: http://www.ebookpro.com/


Prepare self-extracting, searchable e-books with full password management; copy and print disabling; expire- by date as required. Full visual editor. Online manual, an online forum, & email support. Free trial LITE edition supports a maximum of about 40 pages. PRO edition for complete books available for purchase. French, German & Italian versions also available. Books created are to be read in the free eBooksReader (see free e-readers) http://www.ebookswriter.com/

FlipViewer Xpress Creator:

Software to create “realistic 3D page-flipping” e-books, documents, brochures, catalogues, photo albums, presentations etc., for viewing online on the Web, or offline on CD-ROM. The Flip Books created may include text from PDFs, images, links, multimedia video or audio content, and animation. For Windows or Mac. www.flipviewer.com/flipviewerxpress-suite


Converts HTML files to PDF or PostScript. Runs on Mac OS X, Windows OS (Windows 95 plus), & UNIX/Linux operating systems. An OS/2 version is also available. Purchasable versions: HTMLDOC with 90 day End-User Software Support; HTMLDOC with 1 year End-User Software Support. Also offered (free) is PDF-o-matic, a PHP script that uses HTMLDOC to convert the web page of your choice to PDF. http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/


offered an online text-conversion service from Romanian-based, OEB forum member SOFTWIN. Intuitext.com enabled automated conversion of documents to XML and XML-based formats. Accepted input formats included Adobe PDF, QuarkXPress, MS Word, FrameMaker, RTF or Page Maker. The company is still active in other areas http://www.intuitext.com/

KeeBook Creator:

Similar to Flipbook Publisher in that it enables the creation of double-page display 3D Web books from HTML documents. NB: you can convert Word documents to HTML using Microsoft Office 97 & above. KeeBook Creator has a free 15 day trial version available. There is also a more expensive fuller-featured KeeBook Creator Pro for professionals, & a KeeBook Creator Education for teachers. http://www.keeboo.com/enu/

MakePDF for Word:

If you want to convert Microsoft Word documents to Portable Document Format (PDF) without the full expense of Adobe Acrobat, then MakePDF for Word is a cheaper, if less-featured, alternative. To use, just copy the MakePDF.dot template into your Word Startup folder to add a “Make PDF” toolbar to Word. Click the toolbar’s Print to PDF button to create a PDF version of the Word file. Includes encryption and file-compression options, but not the internal links, bookmarks, password protection, and some other features of Acrobat Acrobat. http://download.cnet.com/MakePDF-for-Word/3000-18483_4-10071072.html

Microsoft Reader Ebook Wizard 1.0

Simple software to create MS Reader e-books. Available from: http://www.5cup.com/shareware/Home___Education-E-books___Literature-Reader_Ebook_Wizard-2.0.html

Mobipocket Creator 4.2:

enables you to create e-books, e-news, photo albums, personal databases and more. Simple and intuitive user interface and expandable templates. Allows publishers to create their e-books with a content authoring tool designed for customers who read on their PDAs, smartphones or PCs. Includes Import wizards for Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word text files to import existing electronic files. Also includes Mobipocket Emulator to test and preview the eBooks that you create. http://www.mobipocket.com/en/DownloadSoft/ProductDetailsCreator.asp (Mobipocket and its services are no longer available)

(Palm) eBook Studio:

 is an authoring tool allowing individuals, businesses, publishing companies and online retailers to create, distribute and sell e-books that can be read by eReader software on Palm OS or PocketPC handheld devices, or on Windows & Macintosh desktops. You can either create e-books from scratch, or cut and paste information from existing documents — such as MS Word or any application that supports Rich Text Format (RTF) — into eBook Studio. The basic eBook Studio software prepares unencrypted eReader compatible e-books, & is available for both Windows and Mac. It supports the use of graphics and images. If you wish to create protected e-books with DRM (digital rights management) however, then see below. http://www.ereader.com/ereader/software/product/15001_eBookstudio_win.htm NB: If you wish to sell Palm format e-books with encryption (DRM), you need to enter a licencing agreement in addition to purchasing the product. There are two options for authors/publishers. You should carefully compare costs, advantages & disadvantages and the relevance to your situation before selecting an option: If you wish to sell unencrypted e-books in eReader format, no restrictions apply.

Palm eReader Starter Pak

is intended for authors with up to two books who would like to sell them from their own webpage or site. NB: may require considerable effort for a larger text. It has a higher initial charge than the Commerce Pak, but no royalties are payable on the first 2,500 copies sold.

Palm eReader Commerce Pak

is intended either for the small publisher or web retailer who plans to sell a variety of e-book titles in unencrypted form, or for the publisher who plans to distribute his titles through a eReader authorized reseller. You need to enter a licencing agreement in addition to purchasing the product.

Primo PDF & NitroPDF Pro:

 Software to create, convert, edit, secure, review, and form-fill PDF documents and forms. You can also combine PDF files, shrink them etc. Available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS’s. Primo PDF is free, while a free 14 day trial is available for the more fully-featured, 5-star rated NitroPDF Professional. http://www.primopdf.com/

ReaderWorks Standard (for Microsoft format):

Free software you can use to convert MS Word, HTML, OeB & plain text documents into MS Reader format (Lit) e-books. Also allows for .jpg. .gif & .png images. Converted e-books can be read on any Windows-based PC, laptop or Pocket PC with Microsoft Reader installed. http://www.overdrive.com/readerworks/software/standard.asp

ReaderWorks Publisher:

Fuller-featured e-book authoring and conversion software to produce commercial Microsoft Reader format e-books, for distribution and sale. Accepts MS Word documents, HTML, OeB Text (ASCII) and JPG, GIF, PNG images. http://www.overdrive.com/readerworks/software/publisher.asp

ReaderWorks SDK:

A more automated version of ReaderWorks Publisher, SDK is suitable for large publishers, online content portals, or production facilities. May be purchased from: http://www.overdrive.com/readerworks/software/sdk.asp


Texterity’s Textcafe file conversion service provides simultaneous e-book editions in six OEB-compliant formats, Adobe (.pdf), Gemstar (.rb), MS Reader (Lit), HTML, XML & basic OEB itself. Output to: Open eBook (OEB)1.0, Gemstar eBooks, Palm Reader, Microsoft Reader, netLibrary OEB & browser HTML . Quotes available from online application. http://www.textcafe.com

XML editors :

Check out the offerings at: http://www.topologi.com and  http://www.webxsystems.com