Musket, Map and Money

 Musket, Map and Money by Jimmy Teng  Top Free Books

Musket, Map and Money:

How Military Technology Shaped Geopolitics and Economics

by Jimmy Teng

eBook Details:

Publisher: De Gruyter Open 2014
ISBN-13: 9788376560595
Number of pages: 196

License(s): CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

eBook Description:

Waves of military technological changes have swept through the Eurasian land mass since the dawn of civilization. Military technological changes decisively shaped geopolitics and the fortunes of states, empires and civilizations. In his book Jimmy Teng claims that to understand the impacts of these military technological changes is in fact to understand the causes behind the following major historical puzzles or important facts: the leading position of the Near East during the dawn of civilization; the splendid achievements of Greece, India and China during the axial era; the classical golden age of India under the Gupta Empire; the Abbasid Golden Age of the Islamic world and the Sung Puzzle of China during the medieval era; and the rise of the West during the early modern and modern era.


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