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Memory and Popular Film  by Paul Grainge (ed.)

Memory and Popular Film 

Memory and Popular Film by Paul Grainge (ed.) eBook Details: Publisher: Manchester University Press 2003 ISBN-13: 9780719063749 Number of pages: 272 License(s): CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 eBook Description: ‘Memory and popular film’ uses memory as...

Chess by Warren Wilkinson, Bill Alexander


Chess by Warren Wilkinson, Bill Alexander eBook Details: Publisher: Wikibooks 2008 Number of pages: 84 eBook Description: Chess is an ancient strategy game originated in India. It is played by two individuals on an...

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Music Lovers Encyclopedia

Music Lovers Encyclopedia by Rupert Hughes eBook Details: Publisher: McClure, Phillips & Co 1903 ISBN/ASIN: 0517218909 Number of pages: 933 eBook Description: A facsimile edition of a classic, long the standard reference on music...