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Applied Mechanics  by Alfred P. Poorman

Applied Mechanics 

Applied Mechanics by Alfred P. Poorman eBook Details: 1917 ISBN/ASIN: 1112225420 Number of pages: 268 License(s): Archive.org eBook Description: This textbook on Applied Mechanics is intended for use in the undergraduate courses in Mechanics...

Mechanics of Engineering  by Irving Porter Church

Mechanics of Engineering

Mechanics of Engineering by Irving Porter Church eBook Details: Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 1908 ISBN/ASIN: 1271085984 Number of pages: 922 License(s): Archive.org eBook Description: Comprising statics and dynamics of solids, the mechanics of...

Applied Mechanics for Beginners by John Duncan

Applied Mechanics for Beginners 

Applied Mechanics for Beginners by John Duncan eBook Details: Publisher: Macmillan and co 1902 ISBN/ASIN: 1144463645 Number of pages: 348 License(s): Archive.org eBook Description: In the preparation of this little book, the object has...