civil engineering books


civil engineering Books

Here is a list of online Civil engineering books   available for free downloading in various formats  or for online reading

Acoustics And Architecture
by Paul E. Sabine, 1932

Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
by Chiang Mei, 2002, PDF

Asphalt: Its Composition, Properties and Uses
by Ralph Newton Traxler, 1961, 294 pp, online reading

The Best Transportation System in the World
by M.H. Rose, B.E. Seely, P.F. Barrett, 2006, 346 pp, 8.2MB, PDF

Concise Hydraulics
by Dawei Han, 2008, 177 pages, 5.6MB, PDF

Concrete and Reinforced Concrete
by W. Noble Twelvetrees, 1922

Earthquake Engineering
edited by Halil Sezen, 2012, 336 pp, 26MB, PDF

Earthquake Engineering for Concrete Dams
National Academies, 1990, 165 pages, 4.8MB, PDF

The Economics of Transportation Systems: A reference for practitioners
by K. Kockelman, D. Chen, K. Larsen, B. Nichols, 2013, 310 pp, 3.1MB, PDF

Engineering Seismology, Geotechnical and Structural Earthquake Engineering
by Sebastiano D’Amico (ed.), 2013, 300 pp, 36MB, PDF

Environmental Fluid Mechanics 1: Mixing and Transport Processes in the Environment
by Scott A. Socolofsky, Gerhard H. Jirka, 2005, 184 pages, 1.4MB, PDF

Fundamentals of Transportation
Wikibooks, 2009, 185 pages, 4.5MB, PDF

The Geography of Transport Systems
by Jean-Paul Rodrigue (ed.), 2013, 432 pp, online html

Groundwater Hydrology
by Charles Harvey, 2005, PDF

Materials of Engineering Construction
by Clement T Wiskocil, 1922

Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering
edited by A. C. de Pina Filho and A. C. de Pina, 2010, 270 pages, 9.7MB, PDF

Modern Masonry: Natural Stone and Clay Products
National Academies Press, 1956, 177 pages, 5.7MB, PDF

Monitoring of Internal Moisture Loads in Residential Buildings
prepared by Lois Arena, Pallavi Mantha, 2010, 56 pages, 3.9MB, PDF

Practical Astronomy for Engineers
by Frederick Hanley Seares, 1909

Principles of Highway Engineering
by Carroll Carson Wiley, 1928

Probability and Statistics in Engineering
by Daniele Veneziano, 2005, PDF

Project Management for Construction
by Chris Hendrickson and Tung Au, 1989

Railway Research: Selected Topics on Development, Safety and Technology
by Krzysztof Zboinski (ed.), 2015, 204 pp, multiple PDF files

Reinforced Concrete: Theory and Practice
by Frederick Rings, 1910, 252 pp, multiple formats

Robotics and Automation in Construction
edited by Carlos Balaguer and Mohamed Abderrahim, 2008, PDF

Science Pertaining To Civil Engineering
International TextBook Company, 1927

Seismic Design for Buildings
Department of the Army technical manual, 1982, 481 pages, 22MB, PDF

Structural Engineering, Analysis and Design
by Victor E. Saouma, 2004, 142 pp, 2.2MB, PDF

Studies in the Economics of Transportation
by M.J. Beckmann, C.B. McGuire, C.B. Winsten, 1956, 249 pp, 7.1MB, PDF

Transport Processes in the Environment
by Heidi Nepf, 2008, PDF

Transportation Economics
by D. Levinson, D. Gillen, M. Iacono, 2011

Urban Transportation Networks
by Yosef Sheffi, 1985, 415 pages, 23MB, PDF

Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material

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