Geoscience and Remote Sensing New Achievements


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Paperback: 508 pages
Publisher: InTech (February 01, 2010)
Language: English
eBook Description:
Our planet is nowadays continuously monitored by powerful remote sensors operating in wide portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our capability of acquiring detailedinformation on the environment has been revolutionized by revealing its inner structure,morphology and dynamical changes. The way we now observe and study the evolution of the Earth’s status has even radically influenced our perception and conception of the world we live in.  The aim of this book is to bring together contributions from experts to present new research results and prospects of the future developments in the area of geosciences and remote sensing; emerging research directions are discussed. The volume consists of twenty-six chapters, encompassing both theoretical aspects and application-oriented studies. An unfolding perspective on various current trends in this extremely rich area is offered. The book chapters can be categorized along different perspectives, among others, use of active or passive sensors, employed technologies and configurations, considered scenario on the Earth, scientific research area involved in the studies.

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