Imaging the Earth’s Interior

Imaging the Earth's Interior  by Jon F. Claerbout

Imaging the Earth’s Interior

by Jon F. Claerbout

eBook Details:

Publisher: Blackwell Science Inc 1985
ISBN/ASIN: 0865423040
ISBN-13: 9780865423046
Number of pages: 412

eBook Description:
Prospecting for oil begins with seismic soundings. The echoes are computer processed into images that reveal much about the earth’s geological history. “Imaging the Earth’s Interior” describes the image-making process. Professor Claerbout was the first to use the wave equation of physics directly in the image-making process, and his finite difference implementation quickly became an industry standard. It is intended for students entering earth sciences from other areas, earth science professionals, and professionals in other fields in which waves and images are studied.


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