The A B C of Mining 

The A B C of Mining  by Charles A. Bramble free books

The A B C of Mining

by Charles A. Bramble

eBook Details:

Publisher: Rand, McNally & Co. 1898
Number of pages: 196

License(s): The Projet Gutenberg : Public Domain in the  USA.

eBook Description:
A Handbook for Prospectors, Treating fully of Exploratory and Preparatory Work of the Physical Properties of Ores, Field Geology, the Occurrence and Associations of Minerals, Methods of Chemical Analysis and Assay, Blow-pipe Tests, Promising Indications, and Simple Methods of Working Valuable Deposits, together with Chapters on Quartz and Hydraulic Mining and especial Detailed Information on Placer Mining, with an Addenda on Camp Life and Medical Hints.


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