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Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter

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Analytical Chemistry 2.1 by David Harvey top free books

Analytical Chemistry 2.1

Analytical Chemistry 2.1 by David Harvey eBook Details: Publisher: DePauw University 2016 ISBN/ASIN: 0072375477 Number of pages: 1122 License(s):CC BY-NC-SA 4.0     eBook Description: The introductory course in analytical chemistry is the ideal...

Advanced Chemical Kinetics by Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh (ed.) top free books

Advanced Chemical Kinetics 

Advanced Chemical Kinetics by Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh (ed.) eBook Details: Publisher: InTech 2018 ISBN-13: 9789535138167 Number of pages: 224 License(s): CC BY 3.0 eBook Description: The book on Advanced Chemical Kinetics gives insight into different aspects of chemical reactions...

Miniaturization in Sample Preparation by Francisco Pena-Pereira (ed.) top free books PDF

Miniaturization in Sample Preparation 

Miniaturization in Sample Preparation by Francisco Pena-Pereira (ed.) eBook Details: Publisher: De Gruyter Open 2014 ISBN-13: 9783110410181 Number of pages: 463 License(s): Open Access eBook Description: Miniaturization is a challenge thrown down to analytical chemistry. The replacement of conventional...

free chemical engineering Courses Online

Free Chemical Engineering Courses Online

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies physical sciences (physics and chemistry), life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), together with applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport, and properly use chemicals, materials and energy. A chemical engineer designs large-scale processes that convert chemicals, raw materials,...

Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer  by Leo Lue free book

Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 

Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer by Leo Lue eBook Details: Publisher: Bookboon 2014 ISBN-13: 9788740306897 Number of pages: 106 eBook Description: This book covers the transport of momentum, heat, and mass in non-equilibrium systems. It derives differential balance equations...

Nanoparticles for Catalysis by Hermenegildo Garcia, Sergio Navalon free book

Nanoparticles for Catalysis

Nanoparticles for Catalysis by Hermenegildo Garcia, Sergio Navalon eBook Details: Publisher: MDPI AG 2017 ISBN-13: 9783038425373 Number of pages: 166 eBook Description: The present book is aimed at illustrating the width of applications of...

Synthetic Strategies in Chemistry by B. Viswanathan

Synthetic Strategies in Chemistry 

Synthetic Strategies in Chemistry by B. Viswanathan eBook Details: Publisher: Indian Institute of Technology 2008 Number of pages: 361 eBook Description: Introduction to synthetic strategies in chemistry, synthetic methods based on activating the reactant,...