Human Anatomy Online: Laboratory Dissections

Human Anatomy Online: Laboratory Dissections

Human Anatomy Online: Laboratory Dissections

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Publisher: SUNY Downstate Medical Center 2008

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It is the intent of this dissection manual to provide a means to facilitate the learning of human anatomy. The creation of this dissection manual, and the computer software program with the collection of videodisc images which accompany it, were developed by a team of individuals who place high value on education. While creating this multimedia approach to the study of human anatomy, the authors have been guided throughout by a single goal: to provide students and educators with a resource to enhance the discovery process inherent in the study of the human body.

Various approaches are used in other dissection manuals. Some provide detailed anatomical description with few illustrations. Others present limited descriptions of anatomical structures with a great number of illustrations. Our innovation is to focus on concise descriptions of steps in the dissection process and provide key illustrations. Additionally, students can access a large videodisc image gallery which serves as a guide to the various steps of dissection. Steps of the dissection are illustrated with important structures individually identified and processes such as the reflection of muscles shown with a sequence of images. This approach not only provides students with a resource to guide them through the requisite steps of a particular laboratory, but also serves as a powerful tool for independent study and review.

As you prepare to embark upon the process of discovery, realize the great privilege that you have been given to study and explore the anatomy of the human body. It is our shared hope that this knowledge will prepare the students of today with necessary tools to care for their patients as they become the physicians and health care providers of tomorrow.


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