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If you are looking for Books about Artificial Intelligence to advance your Knowledge, here is a list in various formats available for free download or online reading from top universities and publishers for all learners worldwide
All Books are available for free access, authorized by their respective authors or publishers.

Boosting: Foundations and Algorithms  by Robert E. Schapire, Yoav Freund

Boosting: Foundations and Algorithms 

Boosting: Foundations and Algorithms by Robert E. Schapire, Yoav Freund eBook Details: Publisher: The MIT Press 2014 ISBN-13: 9780262310413 Number of pages: 544 License(s): This is an open access title eBook Description: Boosting is an approach to machine learning based...

Elements of Robotics  by Mordechai Ben-Ari and Francesco Mondada free book

Elements of Robotics 

Elements of Robotics by Mordechai Ben-Ari and Francesco Mondada eBook Details: Publisher: Springer 2018 ISBN-13: 9783319625331 Number of pages: 308 License(s):  CC BY 4.0 eBook Description: This book bridges the gap between playing with robots in school and studying robotics...