Wind Power

Power Wind

eBook Details:

Editor S M Muyeen
Hardcover: 578 pages
Publisher: InTech (June, 2010 )
Language: English
ISBN 978-953-7619-81-7

eBook Description:

This book is the result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers of different fields. A wide verity of research results are merged together to make this book useful for students and researchers who will take contribution for further development of the existing technology. I hope you will enjoy the book, so that my effort to bringing it together for you will be successful. In my capacity, as the Editor of this book, I would like to thanks and appreciate the chapter authors, who ensured the quality of the material as well as submitting their best works. Most of the results presented in to the book have already been published on international journals and appreciated in many international conferences.

Wind Power

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